Born in Detroit but raised in Flint,MICHIGAN.  zak discovered his love for CINEMA and the arts at a very early age.  an avid film fan and FORMER stage actor, zak begin honing his skills at the young age of 5 and he didn't even know it. Performing STAGE MONOLOGUES at various places throughout detroit until moving to flint and Enrolling in the nationally ranked Flint Central Theatre magnet program. At Flint Central zak begin learning how to build sets, light them and direct the actors who graced the stage from the legendary Martin Jennings. It wasn't until he earned a football scholarship to Central Michigan University that zak began his journey to becoming a FILMMAKER.  He enrolled in CMU's Broadcasting and Cinematic arts program and worked at CMU's  MHTV Program in its early days.  While earning his degree, zak linked up with detroit bAD ASS, Director anthony Garth and began developing his talents Further by working with Anthony as his Assistant Director.  Under the BRILLIANT eye of Anthony, zak begin directing his own music videos while working with other top directors in Commercials, Film and Television learning all he could trying to find his own unique style.  

Zak eventually started to catch notice and began writing, producing, and directing commercials for Ford Motor Company.  13 years later Zak is now an accomplished director winning awards for his music video work, documentary work and his short film (swing Low).